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Online Applications – News Management

Web-newz is a powerful News Management and Publishing solution that allows to run news, articles, press-releases and media-streams directly on your web site. Web-newz automates the process of publishing and running a news service or an online periodical, by providing powerful content management tools, automatically generating article excerpts, featuring selected articles as lead stories for the entire site or topic categories, archiving old news and allowing you to administer the content, services and features through a centralized Administrative Console.

Web-newz is equipped with a state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS). The CMS offers editing and formatting of articles, news and other content in a user-friendly and highly visual environment. The interfaces of CMS are very intuitive and similar to Microsoft Word™ and do not require any knowledge of programming or HTML coding.

Web-newz runs on the Web-Portal Platform. The Web-Portal Platform contains the core functionality that is necessary for running a dynamic web site and is provided free of charge. The platform performs all of the common services, such as Category and User management, and handles data sharing between Web-newz and other Web-Portal modules such as In-link (Directory Management) or In-bulletin (Discussion Forum).

• Web Newz Highlights
• General Features
• Admin Experience & Features
• Technical Requirements
Web Newz Highlights
• View and Browse Directory
• Breaking News at a Glance
• Accurate Categorization of Topics
• Integrated Content Management
• Site Lead Articles
• Topic Category Lead Articles
• Keyword and Advanced Search
• Search Relevance
• Search within Results
• Article Reviews
• Article Rating
• Graphical Rating
• Favorite Articles
• Custom Sorting and Ordering
• E-mail Notifications
• Automatic Article Expiration
• Integrated Support for Other Modules

Web-newz comes packed with features that are traditionally available only in the most expensive news management and publishing systems. Web-newz is a perfect solution for traditional periodicals and web sites serving news content, only without a big price tag!

General Features

• Unlimited number of Articles per category
• Article-modifiers – new, hot, pop, editor’s pick, site lead story, category lead story
• Configurable output options – sorting, pagination
• Configurable Articles priority
• Article Start and Archivation dates – allows to schedule articles display on the Front End
• Article reviews
• Article rating/voting system
• Suggest category form on the front end
• Unlimited number of Article custom fields
• Different type of custom fields – text, drop-down, checkboxes etc.
• Configurable Search Settings – relevance, fields to search in etc.
• Configurable Output Settings – sorting, pagination, priorities etc.
• Configurable E-mail Settings – which notifications to send and to/from whom

Front End User Experience

Accurate categorization of topics allows you to display news in categories, such as Politics, Sports or Business, so that your visitors can read the news that interests them the most.

Breaking news can be displayed at a glance, ensuring that your readers will not miss it. Web-newz lets you display selected articles as lead stories for a particular category or the entire web site. Web-newz also allows your users to interact directly with the news that they are reading by rating articles, reviewing them, or even discussing them on the Discussion Forum with the help of In-bulletin.

Front End Features

• Sortable Articles listings with adjustable pagination
• Friendly URLs – perfectly spiderable, meaningful URLs with no query string; configurable category and items names in the URL*
• Breadcrumbs (category path) display on every page
• Quick search for articles
• Advanced search for articles
• Site lead story display on the home page
• Category lead stories display on each category page

Administrative Experience

When it comes to breaking news, timing is everything. The administrative tools of Web-newz helps you to stay ahead of the game. Just like the other modules, Web-newz is managed through the centralized Administrative Console. The Content Management feature allows for easy article creation in a highly visual environment and without any knowledge of programming or HTML coding. Article management by designated leads, editor’s picks and new articles ensures that your web site users receive the latest news and updates. You can even schedule articles to appear and expire on certain dates. Automatic archiving keeps your web site free of old news.

Administrative Console Features

• Catalog view – displays listings by category
• Advanced view – displays all the listings regardless of the category in one grid
• Reviews management – display all reviews in single section, allowing to edit and approve or deny it
• Graphical toolbars on every page
• Cut/Copy/Paste functions for managing links and categories
• Approve/Deny available from the toolbar
• Keyword-searchable data-grids (Catalog, Advanced View)
• Customizable View Options (pagination, sorting, display by link status etc.)
• Links verification – allows to automatically verify the availability of every link in the system
• Adjustable Output settings (sorting, pagination, priorities)
• Customizable Search settings – allows to specify fields for searching, relative weight of each field in calculating relevance etc.
• Customizable E-mail settings – allows to specify the from/to addresses for all automatic e-mails such as link added, link modified, link approved etc.
• Custom fields management – add/edit/delete unlimited custom fields, specify custom field types, labels etc.
• Paid Listings management add/edit/delete Paid Listing Types, create, modify, extends, approve or deny Paid Listings
• Import data from Web-link 2.x

Technical Requirements

Web-newz requires Web-Portal Platform – a free system that installs on your web site and contains the core functionality that is necessary for running dynamic web sites. The platform performs all of the common services, such as Category and User administration, and handles data sharing and communications between all modules such as Web-newz.

All of the functions and services of Web-newz and the Web-Portal Platform are managed through a web browser. The administrator needs a web browser and an Internet connection to be able to work with Web-newz and the Web-Portal Platform.

The actual site running Web-newz on the Web-Portal Platform needs to reside on a web server. Web-newz and the Web-Portal Platform are designed to run on most hosting platforms – both virtual accounts and dedicated servers. Should you have any questions regarding a particular hosting platform or configuration, please don’t hesitate to contact us. WebNet International, Inc. also provides hosting accounts that are optimized specifically for use with Web-Portal and its modules.

User-Side Software Requirements

Since the front end of the system is completely template based, its compatibility with various browsers depends on the implementation by the site administrator. The default theme supplied with Web-link is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher, and Mozilla version 1.5 and higher.

The Administrative Console requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5, Mozilla 1.6 or higher with Java Script enabled, in order to be able to utilize all of its features. You may be able to use older browsers; however, your experience may be limited, as older browsers do not support all of the technologies utilized by the Administrative Console.

Server-Side Software and Environment Requirements

In-portal Platform and all of its modules have the same server requirements. As of version 1.0.4, Web-Portal has the following server requirements:
• OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003; Linux (most flavors); FreeBSD, BSDi, Sun Solaris 7 and higher.
• Web Server: IIS 5.0 or higher, or Apache 1.3 or higher. The Web Server must support PHP 4.1.x or higher.
• Database: MySQL 3.23 or higher
• Space Usage: 10 MB for the files, and 1 MB for the database for an empty installation. Thereafter, the database space usage is, on average, 0.5KB per 1 database record (Each record is a separate Category, Item, User, etc.).

Server-Side Hardware Requirements

The server hardware requirements are dependent on the actual web site, its traffic, the load on the server, the software installed and the optimization of all components. If you have questions regarding your particular site please contact us to determine your scalability requirements. For questions related to compatibility, technical requirements and performance, please contact us at support@webnetint.com.

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