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WebNet’s web site management system allows you to automate and facilitate management of sites of various functionality and complexity. Our web site software is a central platform, controlling and managing every aspect and feature of your web site. Your site and all of its functions are administered through a comprehensive and centralized Administrative Console. This is a modular platform, meaning that while it contains the core functionality necessary for running a web site, the actual user-interaction functionality is provided by product modules. Each module serves its own specific purpose, allowing you to purchase and seamlessly install only the functionality that you need.

Modular Approach

Product modules offer a wide range of functionality required by different types of web sites: News Management, Web-link, Discussion Forum, etc. Our software works as a platform for all modules, allowing them to coexist and interact with each other on the same web site. The sophisticated architecture allows for instantaneous and seamless integration of new modules. By using modules as building blocks, the web site administrator can set up their system to include the functionality as needed, without having to purchase unnecessary features. WebNet’s product modules are conveniently available in discounted packages as well as on an individual basis.

Directory Software
Directory Highlights
Demo & Features
Technical Requirements

Directory Software

WebNet’s most popular software is Web-link. Web-link is a powerful portal solution that allows you to run a complex Yahoo™-style directory directly on your web site without having to update numerous HTML pages. It can also be used for many other purposes and for managing directory structures of any type. For example, it can be used to run a directory of products, profiles, listings or records containing specific information. Web-link runs on our software platform and integrates seamlessly with all of our other modules. Web-link features dynamic presentation of data and includes multiple customizable features. It requires very little configuration and is fully equipped with features necessary to manage a directory structure of any type and application. The centralized Administrative Console allows you to administer your entire Web-link directory and all of its related services. Web-link requires the Web-Portal – a free system that installs on your web site and contains the core functionality that is necessary for running dynamic web sites. The platform performs all of the common services, such as Category and User administration, and handles data sharing and communications between Web-link and other modules.

Directory Highlights

Integrated Support for Other Modules
Centralized Catalog Management
Windows Explorer™-like Interfaces
Built-in Content Management Tools
Unlimited Custom Fields
Unlimited Link Images
Unlimited Related Items
Advanced Permissions
Automatic Link Expiration
Flexible Link Priorities

New – Friendly URLs with mod_rewrite

WebNet has received a huge amount of requests for integrating Web-Portal with mod_rewrite – the Apache web server’ module allowing to rewrite the URLs on the server-side and call server software with different attributes for rendering different URLs. With the latest release WebNet adds support for this feature and makes it a very powerful tool in webmaster’ hands.
Paid Listings Support

The support for Paid Listings has been requested by our customers for a long time and we finally made it a reality through our latest release of Web-link and Web-commerce.

Demo & Features

Web-link boasts more features and flexibility than virtually any other Web-link solutions available on the market today. Years of experience and feedback from our customers helped us to design a product that includes a number of features making Web-link stand out. It automatically integrates with all of the centralized services managed by the Web-Portal and allows seamless introduction of countless additional features offered by other modules.

General Features

Unlimited number of Links per category
Paid Listings support (configurable unlimited paid listing types, automatic expiration)
Link-modifiers – new, hot, pop, editor’s pick
Configurable output options – sorting, pagination
Configurable Links priority
Link reviews
Link rating/voting system
Link submission form on the front end
Link modification form on the front end
Suggest category form on the front end
Unlimited number of custom fields
Different type of custom fields – text, drop-down, checkboxes etc.
Configurable Search Settings – relevance, fields to search in etc.
Configurable Output Settings – sorting, pagination, priorities etc.
Configurable E-mail Settings – which notifications to send and to/from whom
Links Validations – locates the dead links in the directory

Front End User Experience

The front-end users of your web site, regardless of the structure and the purpose of your site, will enjoy convenient and intuitive features and interfaces offered by Web-link. It does not only allow your users to effectively view, navigate and search the information; it also allows your users to interact directly with that information, by viewing and applying it in accordance with their preferences and continuously keeping it up to date. It allows front-end users to suggest new information, maintain their own listings, rate and review the existing listings. Web-link automatically maintains top rated, new and most popular listings, editor picks and keeps track of various markers, counters and statistics on all categories and listings in the directory.

Front End Features

Sortable link listings with adjustable pagination
Friendly URLs – perfectly spiderable, meaningful URLs with no query string; configurable category and items names in the URL*
Breadcrumbs (category path) display on every page
Quick search for links
Advanced search for links
Link submission forms (extensible with custom fields)
Instant or pending administrator’s approval link submission
Instant or pending administrator’s approval link modification
Links Enhancement for submitted links (Paid Listings)
Renewal notifications for Enhanced (Paid) Listings
Multiple Enhancement types selectable when enhancing listings

Administrative Experience

The centralized Administrative Console allows you to manage your entire directory of listings and all of its related services through a central Catalog. The interface of the Catalog is similar to the File Explorer in Microsoft Windows™, allowing users to work with multiple listings and categories, just like with files and folders on your computer, including but not limited to moving, copying and pasting categories and listings. The Catalog allows administrators to add, edit and delete listings and categories, validate pending listings and perform other administrative services.

Web-link stores detailed information for each listing (link) in the database, including its title, description, date of entry and unlimited custom fields that can be used to store any information pertinent to your web site. Each listing has properties that the system automatically maintains based on the administrator’s preferences and the interaction with the end users. Additionally, the Administrative Console allows managing multiple settings and preferences and provides access to many useful tools, such as Link Validator, for example.

Administrative Console Features

Catalog view – displays listings by category
Advanced view – displays all the listings regardless of the category in one grid
Reviews management – display all reviews in single section, allowing to edit and approve or deny it
Graphical toolbars on every page
Cut/Copy/Paste functions for managing links and categories
Approve/Deny available from the toolbar
Keyword-searchable data-grids (Catalog, Advanced View)
Customizable View Options (pagination, sorting, display by link status etc.)
Links verification – allows to automatically verify the availability of every link in the system
Adjustable Output settings (sorting, pagination, priorities)
Customizable Search settings – allows to specify fields for searching, relative weight of each field in calculating relevance etc.
Customizable E-mail settings – allows to specify the from/to addresses for all automatic e-mails such as link added, link modified, link approved etc.
Custom fields management – add/edit/delete unlimited custom fields, specify custom field types, labels etc.
Paid Listings management add/edit/delete Paid Listing Types, create, modify, extends, approve or deny Paid Listings
Import data from Web-link 2.x

Technical Requirements

Web-link requires our Web-Portal – a free system that installs on your web site and contains the core functionality that is necessary for running dynamic web sites. The platform performs all of the common services, such as Category and User administration, and handles data sharing and communications between all modules such as Web-link.

All of the functions and services of Web-link and the Web-Portal are managed through a web browser. The administrator needs a web browser and an Internet connection to be able to work with Web-link and the Web-Portal.

The actual site running Web-link on the Web-Portal needs to reside on a web server. Web-link and the Web-Portal are designed to run on most hosting platforms – both virtual accounts and dedicated servers. Should you have any questions regarding a particular hosting platform or configuration, please don’t hesitate to contact us. WebNet International, Inc. also provides hosting accounts that are optimized specifically for use with the Web-Portal and its modules.

User-Side Software Requirements

Since the front end of the system is completely template based, its compatibility with various browsers depends on the implementation by the site administrator. The default theme supplied with Web-link is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher, and Mozilla version 1.5 and higher.

The Administrative Console requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5, Mozilla 1.6 or higher with Java Script enabled, in order to be able to utilize all of its features. You may be able to use older browsers; however, your experience may be limited, as older browsers do not support all of the technologies utilized by the Administrative Console.
Server-Side Software and Environment Requirements

In-portal Platform and all of its modules have the same server requirements. As of version 1.0.4, Web-Portal has the following server requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003; Linux (most flavors); FreeBSD, BSDi, Sun Solaris 7 and higher.
Web Server: IIS 5.0 or higher, or Apache 1.3 or higher. The Web Server must support PHP 4.1.x or higher.
Database: MySQL 3.23 or higher
Space Usage: 10 MB for the files, and 1 MB for the database for an empty installation. Thereafter, the database space usage is, on average, 0.5KB per 1 database record (Each record is a separate Category, Item, User, etc.).

Server-Side Hardware Requirements

The server hardware requirements are dependent on the actual web site, its traffic, the load on the server, the software installed and the optimization of all components. If you have questions regarding your particular site please contact us to determine your scalability requirements. For questions related to compatibility, technical requirements and performance, please contact us at support@webnetint.com.

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