4 Local SEO Tips for Local Business Owners

(1) Fill out and Claim your Google My Business Profile

Click Here to sign up to get your Google My Business Profile. Fill out as much information as possible. Be sure that you fill out your entire business name. For instance, I would type in “WebNet International, Inc.” for my business name instead of “WebNet”. This is important because Google looks for consistency in your business listings. After you fill out the Google My Business form, Google will send a postcard in order to verify your business. When you get their postcard, go to the URL given and type in your code that is on the postcard.

This is one of the most important Local SEO tips we can give you! Ignore this and you’ll regret it.

(2) Get Reviews and Manage Them

When Google ranks your website, they take into consideration the number of reviews that your business has online. In order to get reviews, be sure to have a page on your website that has links to review websites and encourages reviews.

Responding to good and bad reviews shows that you are proactive and that you care about your customers. There are many services that can help you get and manage reviews. We would be happy to consult with you about these services for your business.

(3) Make Sure that you have Local Content on Your Website

If you mention the city that your business is located in on your website, it helps with Google rankings. Google is looking for keywords relating to the city where your business is located.

(4) Get Links From Directories, Chambers, Review sites, and Local BBBs

Google likes links from relevant, authoritative websites. Don’t get links from link farms, or other services that get random links. If your links are not relevant or connected with an authoritative website, they will hurt your rankings instead of helping them.

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