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If you want to be in the top results, you have to use the right marketing agency!

Our company has helped hundreds of clients just like you manage their online marketing campaigns. We use the most popular platforms with the best conversion per acquisition rates (which changes over time). We work with Google Ads and Facebook Marketing primarily. However, we do use other platforms as well to drive business back to your website.

Our Goal Is To Help You…

  • Help customers find you and the products you sell.
  • Show customers ads that are relevant to their needs.
  • Convince customers to follow through to your website.

Online Marketing

Marketing Is NOT What It Used To Be

The algorithms have changed…

The way consumers interact with advertisements has changed…

The way we browse has changed…

Everything has changed!

At WebNet International, we provide a plethora of services designed to drive customers to your company. We use keyword research and targeting, search retargeting, contextual keyword research and targeting, and geofencing targeting.

Keyword Research and Targeting

This is one of the most well-known methods for client acquisition. In simple terms, if you sell diamond rings, you’ll focus in on keywords such as:

  • Diamond Rings
  • Diamond Rings For Sale
  • Diamond Ring Settings
  • Custom Rings
  • Custom Diamond Rings
  • Engagement Bands
  • Wedding Bands


The goal here is that the customer will be looking for diamond rings and you’ll match their search query. This is better amplified when working with contextual keyword research and targeting.


Contextual Keyword Research and Targeting

Here, you will still focus on the keywords above, but you’ll give the search engine algorithm liberty to look at other relevant phrases similar to the keywords above. So, while you might have “diamond rings” in your keyword research, you might show up for “rings for her anniversary” even though you did not focus on this particular keyword.

However, there will be times when the algorithm will make a mistake and you might up in a search result for “diamond ring alternatives”. In this case, your marketing manager would either create a landing page (we do) or they would nullify this for your marketing campaign (we can).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is another common marketing technique where you pay for each ad click (conversion). In this case, your keywords are used to find customers who are searching for your product (or something related). Your ad populates on different locations such as Google Searches, Adsense Searches, and other Google Display Networks.

PPC listings are given priority over organic listings, at times outranking local search listings too. They are designed to drive customers to your website (if they are optimized properly).


Search Retargeting

We use this to help recapture customers that have not made a purchasing decision for products that you are promoting. Generally, customers that are still searching for your products or services will stop once they’ve found what they are looking for.

We make sure to stay in front of these customers as they are “ready to buy” and looking for the right information. Until they are no longer looking, we want to make sure they know about us. 

This works in multiple ways:

  1. They visit a link/landing page related to your search terms.
  2. They visit a competitor related to your search terms.
  3. They visit a brick-and-mortar business related to your search terms.


Even if they didn’t look it up online, we can still match customers to your products and services simply because they visited a store while their location services were turned on.


Geofencing Marketing

This method of marketing is one of the newest marketing methods, but works exceptionally well. For instance, when used in conjunction with a properly designed Google My Business (GMB) page, searches for diamond rings near me would pull you up in the local listings and probably the PPC and organic listings.

But why…?

Because geofencing is a virtual boundary that pays attention to where your customers are. If they are in Fort Walton, they won’t be shown ads for Destin. Of course, we can adjust your geofencing preferences to reach out as far as you need to reach your target demographic (remember, some customers aren’t willing to make the drive if the distance is too far).

Other Services

Other services that we provide at WebNet International that help drive your marketing success include:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Manta for Business
  • Text Ad Creation
  • Image Ad Creation
  • Video Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • A/B/C Advertising Optimization
  • Conversion Monitoring Metrics
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition Management
  • Budget Management
  • Social Media Posting
  • Video Script Writing
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Article Postings
  • Promotion and Press Releases
  • And More…

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