How Google Penguin 4.0 Update Might Affect Your Website’s Rankings

Google has rolled out the announcement that the penguin algorithm is updated. This is named as Penguin 4.0. If you are following the penguin algorithm updates since long, you already know that the prime focus of the penguin update is to eliminate the spam that is not easily caught out by other Google’s algorithms.

Earlier, the algorithm had a shortcoming that once it caught the web spamming, the whole website content was penalized till the next update. The last penguin update occurred around almost 2 years ago and the websites that have suffered the generalities might see a difference after current update.

Penguin is on the verge of getting real-time. There are more of the benefits than the shortcomings in this concept. The first benefit would be that time gap between two simultaneous search filtering would be small and the penalized sites can get the time to correct their content.

The second benefit would be, you won’t have to wait for the google’s update notifications since the update includes real-time refresh. This would re scan your website and may free it from past time penalties.

The third benefit would that Google would refine the penguin on the granularity basis. As it sounds, it might says that a website won’t have to face the penalty because of the web page. So if the web page is found inappropriate under Google’s penguin algorithm, there is a possibility that your website and other contents on it won’t suffer.

We’re not sure that if Google has implemented the algorithm update or is about to implement it on their search engine. Anyway, we would surely get to know about its impact very soon.

The algorithm would definitely be rolled out in live but every website may or may not see the real time changes equally since crawlers behave differently to different websites.

If your website was penalized under the last penguin algorithm update, this is the time when you can correct those past mistakes and help your site get better rankings.

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