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Interesting Internet History Facts

I thought everyone might be interested in some remarkable Internet facts I found today.  It just shows us how powerful the Internet is to developing our overall business presence. 10 Interesting Internet Facts: By Jules Clement- The first popular web browser was called Mosaic and was released in 1993. […]

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Why WordPress sites are a good choice for redesigns

WordPress is a great platform that gives many advantages for new website builds and redesigns.  Consider the facts and make a good decision as to why you should think about re-designing your website in WordPress.  Here are some things to think about: WordPress sites give you the ability to edit your own content and thereby save [...]

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Why Do I Need A Mobile Version of My Website?

Does anyone remember saying "why do I need a website?" back in the year 1995-2000?  Many people thought that the internet was a fad and that it would pass quickly.  How wrong were the companies that believed that?  We are once again challenged with that same mentality concerning mobile websites. If your company already has a [...]

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Website 101 for Home Business

Home Business Tips For many people, running a profitable household business is a dream come true. Even so, as with any enterprise, there are many pitfalls and risks. Whether you are just starting out with your company or you've been running it for several years, you can benefit from the advice in this post. FINDING A [...]

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