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Pensacola Web Design Company
Giving Companies The Tools To Grow For Over 20 Years

WebNet International, Inc. first began in Birmingham, Alabama in 1995. Those were the early days of the Internet when online access had barely been discussed in a business environment much less around the dinner table at home. Even then we saw the potential of the Internet and knew that a big change was coming to businesses and to our world.

In the mid-90s, when we would approach a business owner about a website, they would shrug it off, believing that the Internet was simply a passing fad. Unfortunately, while the Internet certainly did not pass away, those businesses which failed to act on the visionary opportunity before them, did. For a business, large or small, the exposure and power the Internet provides are enormous and the audience is vast. Our goal at WebNet is to help you grow your business by giving you the tools you need to market yourself and to make the most of this great opportunity.

A Top Pensacola Web Design Company

Since those early days, WebNet International, Inc. has grown to be a highly-sought after business, offering web design, SEO and online services to clients both in Birmingham, Pensacola and worldwide. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable designers, programmers, and creatives are experts in their field and are focused on website development and innovation.

WebNet International has always led with a vision for “what’s next” in technology. Proud to be a comprehensive provider of online services, we assist businesses throughout the entire process of website design and SEO. We have helped many companies launch their online presence for the first time, assisting them in establishing a solid brand that is easily recognizable. We frequently guide businesses through website redesign, SEO, branding, logo creation, and hosting services. Our team consistently builds websites that are unique and beautiful, as well as highly functional to generate leads and increase your online business. We love our clients and always do our very best to provide a superior level of personalized customer service.

We hope you will join our growing family of entrepreneurs and business owners here at WebNet International, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our online services and how they can help grow your online business.


Our Valuable Team Members

Kathlene Rushing
Kathlene RushingEntrepreneur, Educator, Innovator
Kathlene Rushing has always displayed an entrepreneur spirit and is a true visionary, known for always having ideas for expansion, as well as other innovative start up ideas.

Kathlene began her career as a Special Education teacher. Kathlene’s experience ranged from being the Principle of a school for special needs children to that of a Home School Administrator, always holding the highest standards of “what is possible” among those she taught.
This same mindset carried over after she received her Masters degree in Special Education from the University of Alabama. The University asked Kathlene to teach a course on “using the Internet in the classroom”. Business owners began asking for her advice about their online presence leading her to start her own web design company in 1995 – WebNet International, INC.

Kathlene started many online directories and helped many online businesses with her creative ideas. This gained WebNet notoriety as one of the top three companies in Birmingham, AL and helped WebNet get on the national radar. As one the first woman to own a web design company in the state of Alabama, Kathlene has been an example to many other female entrepreneurs throughout the country. With a pioneering spirit and endurance in an ever-changing business, she has always had the highest integrity. Only someone with such a love for learning and education can fully appreciate how being an educator played such an important role in the early 1990’s.

Kathlene continues to be a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and inspiration to others. Her interests and hobbies include that of being an artist, researcher, pianist, and singer.

Ginger May
Ginger MayEntrepreneur, Speaker, Sales Professional
From an early age, Ginger showed signs of being an entrepreneur. Starting her first business more than 20 years ago, she learned to focus her highly motivated and determined mindset into the successful business WebNet International, Inc. She has been a pioneer in the area of web development and design ever since.

Throughout the years, Ginger has managed overall operations, project management, and sales, which helped her develop and implement several successful marketing campaigns as well as develop exceptional people skills. Her areas of expertise include relationship marketing, web design, and sales management. She loves to spend time with business owners, discovering how their business operates and adapting that knowledge to building a website that reflects their overall goals and aspirations. When Ginger speaks to her clients, she connects with them and inspires them to never give up and to be the people they are truly meant to be.

Ginger’s background includes business development, sales and marketing, relationship marketing, educational seminars, public speaking, and event, concert and travel planning for large groups. Ginger has planned events and group travel within the US and other countries that include cities such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Wales, Germany, and Russia.

Today, Ginger has been mentoring under some of the top industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the country. Also, she is an animal lover and an advocate for pets. Her hobbies include gourmet cooking, racquetball, photography, and travel.

WebNet is comprised of a group of website designers, programmers, and more, expertly-trained in the world of web services. Our years of experience building results-driven websites has equipped us with the inside knowledge on what elements make for a fantastic website.

Not only are WebNet designs attractive and appealing, they are completely functional, providing a great experience for your customers.

WebNet International, Inc. achieves visibility in search engines by analyzing your competition, optimizing your website, monitoring its progress and continuously making adjustments. We use a combination of methods, techniques, and custom marketing campaigns to achieve the desired results.
At WebNet, you can expect affordable, dependable website hosting and personalized service, utilizing state of the art technology and top of the line systems. We use up-to-date servers and the latest software, performing continuous updates and maintenance to ensure your site stays online and functioning flawlessly.
Don’t let a tired, outdated logo leave your business in the dust. Our team of Pensacola logo design professionals will create a beautiful logo you’ll love and your customers will happily recognize.
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