Opportunities in life come to us all the time and sometimes we miss seeing the obvious ones. People and business owners alike are perplexed as to why business is slowing down and what to do about it.  It’s often the simple things right in front of us that we miss.  So, here’s a few questions to think about:

1.  When is the last time you thought about updating your website?

2.  Have you ever put a “Call To Action” on your Home Page that invites a visitor to your site to enter an email address?

3.  Where is your phone number located on your website?  Is it visible in the top half of your home page or one click away on your contact page?

4.  Is your website proactive or stale and lifeless, offering no movement or “tips” to make people want to come back to you website?

Prospecting is difficult enough as it is, but a few simple things will help you make your website come to life and produce quality leads for you.  Let’s face it – websites are tools meant to create interest, provide information about your services, and give people a chance to “CALL, REQUEST INFORMATION OR A QUOTE, OR GIVE THEIR EMAIL TO YOU IN EXCHANGE FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP THEIR BUSINESS!”

If you have not updated your website in a while or provided some of these items on your website, then think about making one decision this month that would clearly move you in a direction to see growth in your own business.


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Lead Generation - How Your Website Can Produce Leads for YOU!
4 easy actions that you can take to get more leads for your website.
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