Using Facebook Live to Get Leads for Real Estate Sales

Get Leads For Your Real Estate Agency With Facebook Live

Facebook is trying to get people to go live on Facebook. They are trying to encourage this in any way possible, even announcing a dedicated video space on its mobile app. Facebook has more than 100 people working on developing Facebook Live.

How Does Using Facebook Live to Get Leads for Real Estate Help A Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Agency?

In Facebook’s initial data they have found that viewers comment 10 times more on Facebook Live than regular post videos. More people are seeing these videos and the good news for you, is that these live videos are free advertising for you.

Reasons That Facebook Live Benefits Your Business

1. Increased reach for your video (more people will see it)
2. Longer life span for video (videos stay in the newsfeed longer)
3. FaceBook favors live over everything else
4. The more you go live, the more Facebook will push your video to the top of the news feed
5. More people interact with your video (more people are paying attention)

How Do I Go Live On Facebook?

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  1. Choose Your Audience
    Choose who you want to see your Live video. You can broadcast your video to your Facebook friends or make it public so that the whole world can see it.
  2. Press The Facebook Go Live Button On Your Phone
    Press the button and you will be broadcasting live.
  3. Tap The Finish Button
    After you are finished, you can post the video to Facebook so that even more people will see it.  NOTE:  If you don’t see the Live icon your home screen on your phone, then make sure that your Facebook app and your mobile phone are up to date.IT’S THAT SIMPLE.Do I Need Anything Besides A Smart Phone To Broadcast?You may need a lapel clip on a microphone or a microphone that can be used for interviews that can be plugged into your phone.Here are some inexpensive options that can be used to broadcast your live videos.Needbeat TM High Sensitivity Lapel Microphone with an easy clip-on system and travel bag for iPhone, YouTube, Interview or podcast recording.Lavalier Lapel Microphone Clip-on Omnidirectional microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Android, and Windows Smartphones.FanRos Enhanced Lavalier Condenser Microphone Lapel Clip-on with clear loud dialog wind resistance for iPhone, iPad, iPod, GoPro Samsung, HTC Android and Windows Smartphone.

What Do I Broadcast on Facebook Live?

1. Find a favorite restaurant in the city where your house or houses are listed. Eat there and broadcast live, interview the owner or chef, show the location and the food.
(At the end of the broadcast, you can mention a house that you have for sale in that neighborhood and give the people watching your website address so that they can go look at the house.)

2. Go to the house that you mentioned in your first video and tour the house live. Show the community as you are driving there and tell about the great reasons to live in that neighborhood.

3. Interview important people in the community where you are selling your house or houses. Ask them questions about the area. Let them tell your viewers whey they should live in that community.

4. Do a live broadcast about the community, people, places of interest, etc. in the community of your real estate.

You will get lots of attention for your real estate by doing this. But you can get even more if you don’t stop here.

What To Do After Your Live Broadcast Is Over

1. Download your live video to your computer
2. Upload it to your YouTube Channel
3. Embed your link from your YouTube video to your website
4. Give the link to your YouTube video to
(This service will translate your video for $1 a minute.
5-minute video =$5.00)
5. Once you have your video transcribed, add this to your YouTube video.
6. Take the transcription of your video and post it on your 
LinkedIN account.

What Else Can I Do To Get Even More Coverage For My Videos

1. After you have downloaded your video to your computer. Get a Facebook ad for each video.
2. Run each Facebook ad per video for 7 days for $5 a day.
 ($35 a week, $140.00 a month.)

You will get great coverage for your video and your video will show up in more potential buyers’ news feeds.

Remember that you can choose your audience with Facebook ads. You can choose people who see your videos by income, location, interests, seniors, single parents, etc…

If you follow these simple steps, you will be amazed at the advertisement that you can get for free or for a minimal cost.

Questions? Ready to Get Started?

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